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About Us

We provide specialist advice to the construction sector, and work on a range of projects with anyone requiring advice on how to make the built environment accessible.

Builders, developers, architects, , surveyors, designers...

commercial, retail, residential, education, health, NDIS, events
and much more...

We work with you to construct an accessible world.

Jenna Cohen

Jenna Cohen


MArch, BArch.Des

Diploma in Access Consulting 

ACAA (Associate Access Consultant No 673)

  • LinkedIn

Combining my background in architecture and passion for disability inclusion, I specialise in guiding the construction industry to create truly inclusive spaces.
I am the Director of Honeycomb Access and Design, an access consulting firm that supports construction professionals to create beautiful, accessible and compliant designs.

I employ a collaborative approach with my clients to find practical and elegant solutions that ensure that accessibility never comes at the expense of beauty. By engaging stakeholders and understanding their unique needs, we transcend compliance, crafting spaces that enrich lives.

My Access Consulting work covers diverse projects, from educational institutions to transportation hubs, healthcare facilities, retail spaces, and residential and commercial developments. I have led large-scale projects worldwide, and a career highlight working with a global company in Japan and South Korea.

I am a member of the Accessibility Committee (VEAC) of the Australian Institute of Architects, and research partner at Melbourne University working to enhance Australian Accessibility Standards. One of my proudest achievements is co-founding Flying Fox, an impactful not-for-profit organisation that has facilitated social sleep-away programs connecting over 1500 young people with and without a disability.

I founded Honeycomb Access & Design with a clear mission: to redefine accessibility beyond check-boxes. Inclusion is a fundamental human right, and our diverse community deserves equal and equitable access. The time for change is now.

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