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Community Engagement

We help you meaningfully engage with the community to ensure everyone can access your designs and buildings.

Building design must always be informed by the community.

We specialise in engaging with people with disability to ensure that their voices are
heard and their are stories told throughout the design process. 

We provide a series of customised training sessions, workshops and talks for organisations, businesses and services on topics relating to accessibility, inclusion
and disability.

Our Community Engagement services include:

Access and Disability Awareness

Workshops and talks that promote awareness about disability, including an
overview of the legislative framework and discrimination act in

Australia, the social model of disability, communication methods...

and much more!

The delivery of the talk or session will be customised to suit 

each workplace, organisation or community group. 

Community Consultations

We facilitate community consultations with stakeholders and
user-groups through interviews,
focus groups, and surveys.


We use this information to prepare comprehensive reports and
action plans.

Community Housing Models

We develop community process models to guide disability housing support providers and/or SDA developers in the social and cultural operation of their housing/accommodation.

Support Group


It is heart-warming to know that his voice can be heard. These conversations are important for inclusion and the persons total outlook. 

- Parent

Group Discussion
Group Lecture
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