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Luminance Contrast Calculator

Use this tool to measure the luminance contrast between two LRVs.*

As stated in the Australian Standards; Luminance contrast between building elements is the difference in the amount of light reflected (luminance reflectance) from the 1st building element compared to the amount of light reflected from the 2nd building element.

This calculator can be used to measure the contrast where you have two LRVs.

Enter the lower number in LRV 1 and the higher number in LRV 2.

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LRV = Luminance Reflectance Value

TGSI = Tactile Ground Surface Indicator

The formula used is the Bowman-Sapolinksi Equation (noted at Part B4 of AS1428.1:2009):

125 (Y2 - Y1)/(Y1 + Y2 + 25)

where Y2 is the LRV of the lighter area and Y1 is the LRV of the darker area.

Refer to AS1428.1 suite for details.

*Disclaimer: This calculator is only intended to be used as a guide. Use at your own risk.

Honeycomb Access & Design holds no liability for the accuracy of the calculations or misuse of this tool. 

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