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Access Consulting

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We help you make sure that your designs and buildings are physically accessible for everyone.

We consult on a variety of building types and stages of design for compliance with accessibility regulations.

Our work is underpinned by statutory regulation, outlined in the 1992 Disability Discrimination Act, National Construction Code and all other relevant Australian Standards and industry guidelines that relate to building access, including any local Council requirements.

Our Access Consulting services include:

Design Reviews

Assessments of building developments, fit-outs and refurbishments

including advice on potential accessibility issues and guidance to the design

team throughout all project stages. 

Access Reports

Formal reports summarising all design requirements and highlighting

any potential accessibility issues as per relevant Codes and Standards.

Performance Solution Reports

Research-based analysis and advice to substantiate alternate approaches to design requirements, based on specific circumstances.

Audits & Certifications

Access assessments of existing developments and buildings during construction as well as sign-off of built designs at practical completion for occupancy.

User Experience Review

A robust and holistic access assessment of the entire customer/user experience from making a booking online and finding the building, to entering, moving around, and departing. The review includes identification of any potential issues and makes recommendations for the organisation/service to consider.

Precinct Review

An in-depth accessibility assessment of the physical environment, including all building features such as the entrance, reception counter and amenities.

Disability Management/Action Plans

An effective strategy to improve the overall accessibility of a building or

organisation by prioritising issues and recommending appropriate staging of practical solutions.

Building Plans
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